Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Examples of Deals This Week...Click the Pics to Enlarge!

I just wanted to share with those who have asked how easy it is to snag some quick deals...here's 3 from CVS, Staples and Hancocks .........CVS 101 here!  Who can't use namebrand toothpaste, floss, dish detergent, etc...and the bows are great for B'day gifts, not just Christmas!...and I use so much elastic each week for my sewing school and skirt orders and I was happy to find it 60% off at Hancocks.  And how easy can it get turning in empty ink cartridges to Staples for $2 each?  (10 per month)I have to go in there anyway so why not get $20 free to spend in the store on other ink cartridges, school supplies, stuff for my binder, copies for my sewing classes, etc.  Let me know what kinds of deals you find!!!

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