Monday, June 13, 2011

2 Good Deals This Week! More to Come!

There is a HOT Sports Authority $20 off $20 coupon being delivered in the mail!
Be on the lookout for a Sport’s Authority Mailer.  Make sure you don’t toss it in the trash because there are $20 off $20 and $15 off $15 coupon cards attached to the back of the “Everything Dad” Sports Authority mailer!
My hubs was able to go pick out a shirt absolutely free!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

1000 Fan Celebration and Giveaways!!!

Good morning lovely ladies!  For those of you on Facebook, be sure to stop by my page and enter all of the fabulous drawing for free stuff!  Not on Facebook??  Keep reading-I have something for you and my mailing list too!!!  In the Facebook celebration folder, I have a $20 and $10 Gift Certificate up for grabs, other shops have $20 and $10, $5 GC's, there's appliques, patterns, tutus, Thirty One, baby headbands, etc.......all you have to do is look under each picture and go "like" the shop's fan page and come back and until 5/31!!!!  If you are already a fan, just write "AAF".............Go!  Look over to the right of this blog for a link to my FB page!!!
I also have an auction running and will be adding more this weekend hopefully!  Come grab a steal of a deal!!!
Now for you peeps not on FB and anyone else who reads this-Comment here under this post for a chance to win a $20 off $65 purchase from Rae*Danae Designs!  Anyone can comment......while you are commenting, please let me know what sizes you most shop for!  ***Extra entry****Go put this post on your blog or FB and get an extra entry!!  GO!  You have until 5/31 at 9 pm EST to enter!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garanimals "Boutique" Re-Do

So a customer/friend of mine and I think Garanimals are great, especially for her little twin boys, but let's face it, we can add some more "boutique-y cuteness" to it...I can't just walk into Wally World and buy something and keep it plain.  So we came up with an idea.  All I used for this was 2 pair of (purchased) Garanimals shorts, 2 new tees from Old Navy, 1 extra pair of shorts to use for material, thread, scissors and my sewing and embroidery machine.  We came up with a plan to have simple circles and squares with their (lowercase) initials inside  the shape and a coordinating piece of plaid for the background.  We loved the combination of gray/green/turquoise for little boys!  (I may have to go back because I saw a red/white/and blue pair that would be super cute to make someone for the 4th of July!  This can get addicting!)......Hope you enjoy them, C!!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Publix Trip!

After checking here for the deals, I ran to Publix to buy my hubby's birthday dinner and use up some great Publix store coupons stacked with maufacturer's coupons.....for a savings of $105 best day yet!  And for those of you who are still skeptical that it's only junk, look at all the vegies and meat items I got...a huge London Broil, 4 Mahi Mahi fillets, frozen vegies, rice, drinks, etc.  Some coupons are so good and when stacked together(perfectly fine at Publix per their coupon policy) that it creates an "overage" and that goes towards the meats, milk, etc.  Here's a few pics of my items...lots of freebies in there:  And no, I don't come home and snap pictures each time...don't have time for that, but every now and then I like to document it in pictures for a few friends who are trying to learn.  I also like going here , here or here too to check out the latest deals!  Try it!!!
♥ ♥ Drum roll please...the winner of the contest for a free custom created surprise .....she has a daughter whose name begins with a D and is turning 2 in August and would like browns and pinks, etc...yes it's you Erin! Congrats...Random Number Generator finally picked you - you are always faithful to enter each time. I drew 2 more names for $10 gift certificates: Melissa Korta and Jaycee's Boutique! Thanks yall!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Luck in the Contest! Ends 4/1 at 9pm EST!

You can still enter!  Go here to this post!

Entrants so far: From Facebook: Laura K-3 entries(1 entry + 2 pics), Cristy H.-4 entries(1 entry +3 pics), Erin J-1 entry, Jane S.-1 entry, Jaycees' Boutique-1 entry, Jill B-1 entry, Kristie G-1 entry, Melissa K-1 entry, Wendy H-1 entry, Bre G-1 entry.  From my blog: MG-1 entry, Amy(Tj and Amy)-1 entry From mailing list-Stacey B-1 entry

Bunny Applique Tee

This bunny applique from Planet Applique stitched out beautifully!!  I have a very serious addiction to going there and buying appliques for my machine!!  But it's such a great site with good quality designs, plus she always throws in designs for free!