Monday, January 17, 2011

My Other Hobby-Couponing!

I love any chance I get to save my family $ so my other hobby besides sewing is couponing/refunding!  I have made some great lifelong friends through this hobby and it is also fun!  The most important thing to me tho is I have to stay organized!  After I get my Sunday paper and pull out my inserts(I only get 1 Sunday paper now but between neighbors saving them for me and buying a few extra I plan on getting 4 or 5 each week) I check out Southern Savers site for my list match-ups.  I don't have time to go thru flyers and figure out the sales, etc so I rely on sites like Southern Savers(free) or THIS(fee involved so I don't use this one).  I also only focus on Publix, CVS, and Rite Aid and let the other deals pass me by...I am not stressing out over getting every deal out'll come around again!  I wait til an item goes on sale or is BOGO(buy one get one) and then use my manufacturers coupon and sometimes a store coupon too plus usually a store credit like CVS's Extra Care Bucks on the item and stock up while it's cheap or free.  What I do not do is cut a coupon and just go in the store and use it....that doesn't save me money...I wait until it's the best price and then combine the coupon with it.  I also don't cut every coupon out..I file my inserts away by date and then when my sites tell me when to use it, I'll know right where it is.  I also print coupons from the internet.  That's why I have to stay organized...I use the binder method.  Here's some good info and also some pics of mine.  I have a big binder and a small one I keep store coupons in and carry in with me.  I use The Krazy Coupon Lady's free category sheets. (She was just on TLC's "Extreme Couponing" show)....and no, I am not Extreme like that, LOL!!  We have to keep a balance!!  :)
Binder info:

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