Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Surprise!

I'm pretty sure this is my most favorite birthday gift ever! Yesterday I celebrated my "29th" (and holdin') birthday and my husband and daughters surprised me with a delicious homemade coconut cake, going out to eat Mexican after Mass and a one of a kind handmade project!  I've been hearing power tools out in our garage for a few day and smelling spray paint, etc. but I had no idea what they were cooking up.  Here is my yummy cake and the wonderful surprise!  When my girls were little(they are 14 and 12 1/2 now) we would measure their growth on a kitchen cabinet each year.  There are even random places on there where friends were over and got measured or baby dolls or toy horses.  Well as the years passed, we outgrew that sweet little cottage and moved 2 years ago to a bigger home.  One of the things we did before we moved was remove the cabinet door and build the new owners another one...I couldn't leave that one behind and have someone paint over all the measurements.  So for the past 2 years it's just been sitting in our garage.  Well, my husband made a custom shadow box for it so it'll be preserved and hangs proudly in the family room now!  I am so proud of him...and it looks so "Pottery Barn-ish" although he didn't know that as he was making it, LOL.  Just my style.  And to top it off he put a picture up top of the girls when they were small and entitled it "Growing Up."  We joke with big sis and say we can't tell if she's putting her arm around little sis or choking her, LOL!!  Anyway, here's some pics!  I know a lot of my friends were waiting to see what the surprise was!!  Enjoy!

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