Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"...See You at the Pole™ is all about prayer. It's about you coming together and laying aside all the labels and groups for one day, to simply connect with God in prayer and connect with fellow Christians in unity around the flag pole—whether jocks, preps, geeks, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, sophomores, or seniors....."
Today was See You at the Pole day...My younger dd still goes to a Catholic school and they get to pray each day but my older dd goes to a different school this year after 6 years of Catholic education. It is a wonderful fine arts school(ranked #1 in Georgia) but public nonetheless, so they only offer a moment of silence each day, not an actual prayer time. We were happy to see lots of kids this morning gathered around the flagpole praying!
I was also thankful for God's protection because last night my older dd was thrown from her horse. She's ok and got right back on and even cantered for a while even after she was shaken up a bit from the fall(her instructor said she "cow-girled it back up")...she is so brave and I am so thankful she is ok. Boy did the horse get in trouble tho for doing that and had to work hard in the ring til she was sweating bullets! Something spooked her during a trail ride but she was not supposed to take off running like that and not obey the commands. My dd is 1/2 leasing a horse this year which means she takes care of it and rides for 3 days a week. We had a friend go off to college and she knew Michaela rode her horse well so she agreed to let her lease it so she is thrilled! It's like having a horse of your own and learning the responsibilities without actually owning one yet. So thank you Lord for protecting her last night! As a Mom I just have to hold my breath each time but I know she has to grow up and do her thing. Have a good day! I have pictures of our new house coming soon and some projects I am doing!


SewMuchDetail said...

Wow your blog is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you sew much for visiting mine! I would also have enjoyed seeing all those precious young ones around that pole in prayer:)Sounds like your older son is one year older than mine!
Have a blessed week!

Rae*Danae Designs said...

Thanks for visiting! It's actually my daughter...she's a tomboy and loves it!!! I enjoyed your blog too! :)