Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fishbones and Trash Ties!

We went to a local church's carnival today and my dd got her hair painted green....I had done a fishbone in her hair this morning...I love how her shiny hair looks in that kind of a hair-do...I wish I had a picture before it was painted. Since we have church this evening we had to come home and wash hair but it gave us a chance to try out our new Trash Ties that came in the mail today. Have you seen these? It took me a while to order but I finally got some...go check them out from the fab Heather Bailey!


Tracy said...

Ohh I've been drooling over trash ties since Heather released them. But I wasn't sure if they'd really work. How did you and your daughter like them??

Michele Quigley said...

OK I thought something was wrong with my monitor when I saw the green hair. LOL!

I bought the trash ties back when they were first released. I like tyem but just haven't used them much. . .I need to get them out and try again.