Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garanimals "Boutique" Re-Do

So a customer/friend of mine and I think Garanimals are great, especially for her little twin boys, but let's face it, we can add some more "boutique-y cuteness" to it...I can't just walk into Wally World and buy something and keep it plain.  So we came up with an idea.  All I used for this was 2 pair of (purchased) Garanimals shorts, 2 new tees from Old Navy, 1 extra pair of shorts to use for material, thread, scissors and my sewing and embroidery machine.  We came up with a plan to have simple circles and squares with their (lowercase) initials inside  the shape and a coordinating piece of plaid for the background.  We loved the combination of gray/green/turquoise for little boys!  (I may have to go back because I saw a red/white/and blue pair that would be super cute to make someone for the 4th of July!  This can get addicting!)......Hope you enjoy them, C!!!!!

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