Tuesday, March 25, 2008

EURO Cuddly Caterpillar and Mickey/Minnie!

As we prepare for our Disney cruise I will be listing some fun sets in the Mickey/Minnie theme. I also just listed a new set tonight called Cuddly Caterpillar! Come check them out! Mailing list members get free shipping on the caterpillar set if they win and a free surprise on the Mickey set!
Check them out!


jscott1234567 said...

I love the mickey set. I will have to check it out. Your hannah montana set is so cool.


Southern Belles and Bows said...

Love it! We got our first RaeDanae outfit this weekend...WOW We need to share so pictures of Ms. Faith in her "Princess Fairy" ensemble.

~Southern Belles and Bows

Anonymous said...

I love the butterfly set! It is so Euro!

Thank you for sharing!


Butterfly Kisses Boutique said...

I love your designs and I just love those pix you take of the 'sisters' on the beach. So cute!
Butterfly Kisses Boutique