Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"...She spins and she sways to whatever song plays, Without a care in the world. And I'm sitting here wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders. It's been a long day and there's still work to do, She's pulling at me saying "Dad I need you! There's a ball at the castle and I've been invited and I need to practice my dancin'" "Oh please, daddy, please!"

Chorus:So I will dance with Cinderella While she is here in my arms' Cause I know something the prince never knew Oh I will dance with Cinderella I don't want to miss even one song 'Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight And she'll be gone...."

~~Lyrics by Steven Curtis Chapman~~
I am finally getting some pictures of the recent Daddy/Daughter dance up....and I love this song by Steven Curtis Chapman...but it makes me cry because they are growing up so fast!!! Give those precious daughters - Cinderellas - an extra hug today!!!

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PamperingBeki said...

Stop, you're going to make me cry!!!

Great pictures. :)