Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Stitchers

Please head over to my friend, Karen's, Etsy SHOP and check out her new patterns!  We will be trying some of these out in my sewing school very soon and my students will love them!  I am excited to try them too because Karen is one of the reason I started this whole journey of teaching others to sew so she is my inspiration!  :)  Her sewing school Just Sew You Know is awesome!  She helped me when I was setting up my sewing school, SEW Blessed Sewing School which is a great success too!  I, in turn, helped my niece set up hers which is doing awesome too!  We are so blessed to be doing what we love!!  Visit Cristy HERE!  And as always for your sewing needs please visit my shop or Rae*Danae Designs website and let's create something awesome together!!!

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