Monday, May 24, 2010

A Summer Day Outside With My Girls....

Michaela and I love to play around with my camera...we are by no means professional or even know what we are doing but we like to take "artsy" shots and play around with the "blurred background"...I don't have an SLR ...just a top of the line point and shoot but there is a way to get that blurred background look manually.  I turn on my little macro button(the little flower on most of mine) and zoom all the way in....then I move back until my subject is in focus and that creates the blurred background with subject in focus like a portrait.  That's the opposite of what I usually do with macro...I usually zoom all the way out and take the camera up to the thing I want to do a super close up of.  Michaela took the one of Coconut above and this one of the Ipod.

HERE's another tutorial for how to do it another way...we are trying this next!! Until we have 1000's of dollars to spend on our dream camera, this will do just fine!!!

My pretty girls.....:)

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