Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the road to savings in 2010...

I used to be big into couponing when my girls were little and even before they came along....I have some awesome friends from these days too.....we all used to see what great deals we could get and try for the covers of our favorite magazines known  as "Refund Express" and "Refund Cents"  which I just bought another 3 issues of because the deals I get from reading it cover the small cost of each issue.  Here's one of the covers I was on with my girls....I had just gotten a brand new giant mailbox to fit all the packages and refunding goodies I would get daily!
So now I am getting back into it for the new year and have done great so far!

I just take a little time on Sunday to gather my coupons and read about the deals on Southern Savers and since she has done all of the work for me, it is a breeze!!  I focus mainly on Publix and Rite Aid.  If you click on the Publix link, you will see an example of a list I try to follow.  Obviously there's not many meat or milk coupons so I try to buy and cook what's at its lowest price like chicken breast and ground beef one week...pork chops and chicken thighs the next.  I keep track with this awesome excel tracker from The Coupon Project!  Be sure to read her "Getting Started" for some great tips!  Another funny Mom to follow is Collin from Hip2Save...she even takes you with her to the store each Monday on a video!  Here's a peek at my recent receipts!  I have consistently saved over 40% on my weekly trips for a family of 4!

Saving $60 and $70 in coupons and in-ad coupons isn't too shabby!  I will post again soon on some examples of deals I have gotten.  Have a great night!

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