Monday, October 26, 2009

In the Spotlight: LISA!

I just have to take this time to brag on one of our Moms in the Moms Night Out class!!  When she began this class she had not even operated a sewing machine!  Now, 8 or so lessons later, she is creating this cuteness for her daughter!!  I am so proud of her and happy to know she thinks it's fun and worth coming to(since she is also one of the ones that drives the farthest to attend class once a week!)  Her first clothing project was a pair of pants but she added a wide girly ruffle at the hem and now we all call them the "Lisa Ruffles" when we too make a pair!  You go girl!!   
If any of you other Moms want to show and tell...please email me a pic...I'd love to brag on you too!

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