Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sewing School going GREAT!

I have met the nicest people this week...sewing school started this week at my far I have 11 students who attend once a week and 10 Moms in the nightly Moms class. They all did great on their first lesson and left with smiles on their faces~that makes it all worthwhile. They will be filling up their pattern/project folders, working on samples, earning extra "points" for free goodies by doing a follow-up homework assignment, creating things from patterns, making Christmas gifts, etc. We will always be practicing safety, following directions, staying focused, sharing, and following through on completing a project. All good things we can use in "life."

The Moms fieldtrip to the fabric store was a success as well and I am looking forward to the second one tonight! I managed to only buy 2 or 3 things myself(self control, LOL) to work on some orders before my next class begins!

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