Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mailing List Customers!

Thanks to all who are playing in our current contest for a free Rae*Danae Dress! Many of you are getting lots of entries! The contest goes on until Halloween. I just listed some stuff in the shop today...go have a peek if you have a minute. Today's contest question: How many items do I have listed on Etsy today? Bonus:(and this will be a review for lots of you) Where did the name Rae*Danae come from?
If you are not on my mailing list yet but still want to play, just sign up for the mailing list or simply leave me your email! Have a great day! I statrted the day off with being the lucky winner of a $20 QUILT HOME gift certificate! YAY(and yes I've already spent it! On Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Patty Young, Lila Tueller, Tula Pink , Paula Prass and Heather Bailey...too much goodness for one order:))

1 comment:

blingdiva said...

Hi! You currently have 9 items for sale on Etsy and the name Rae*Danae is from combining your daughters' middle names together.

Congratulations on winning your gift certificate! How awesome!

XXXOOO and blessings,