Sunday, May 10, 2009

Have a Blessed Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day...I hope you enjoy your day! I had a great one! The grandparents are visiting so we are busy busy and of course eating too much and having fun! I also remember and miss my own Mother, Becky, today who I lost on Oct.4th. But I know she is with Jesus and is having the best Mother's day yet!

My youngest dd brought me breakfast in bed...yummy! My favorite oatmeal and fruit and a glass of sweet tea! She also made me a jar full of coupons and cheer me up quotes. My oldest dd was working hard in the sewing room last night and created me this darling cell phone case, lined and all! And from both, with dh's help, a bottle of new perfume, Chanel #5...smeels so good and will last me years. My favorite are that and White Linen. The beautiful flowers are from the precious little baby I keep each day and her sweet Mommy. The baby and I secretly made her a handprint and gave her a Mom's washer necklace with the baby's name punched into it and a pearl hanging from the center. Go visit the awesome shop it came from! Julie is great! I made her cute little daughter a dress.

I am so Blessed to be a MOM!

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:o) mg said...

Yay! You sooo deserve all those wonderful things and more. You are a great mom and a very superb friend.