Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Birthday/Valentines present!

Woo Hoo look what I just got! Now I can check my email/facebook/auctions/blog/music and pictures on the go. I already have a phone and a camera so I opted for the Ipod Touch(like the Iphone but with no monthly phone charge/camera) I have WiFi in the house so if my girls are doing homework on one of the computers I won't have to wait in line! :) Do you have one? Do you like it?


Sugar*Buzz said...

I think they're so neat! The hubz has one, actually the Iphone. We've been talking about switching me over to at&t so I could get one too, but A LOT of ppl I talk to are with Verizon and the IN network thing is quiet handy. I think I'll give in soon though! lol

Sugar*Buzz said...

Silly me, I forgot to type Happy Birthday at the end of that...I totally meant to! Hope you had a good one! <3